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NuWatt Technologies (Pty) Ltd, was founded in 2001. We are suppliers of instruments for temperature, liquid level, pressure and vacuum reading, setting and control. In particular we supply a complete range of equipment especially designed for dry and oil filled electrical transformers control and protection.


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NuWatt Technologies, strives to be a leading supplier to the transformer industry, equipment, supplying the needs of the South African industrial market, through selective marketing, efficient designs and effective quality assurance systems.


What Is The Uniqueness Of NuWatt’s Products?

  • High degree of mechanical protection also in the basic version together with an efficient system.
  • The possibility of having very high degree of mechanical protection (Up to IP 66 and 67).
  • High protection against corrosion also in the basic version and the possibility of having special versions suitable for very low or very high ambient temperatures and for corrosive or highly polluted environments.
  • The possibility of having flame and explosion proof certified equipment.
  • Our technical department total support in choosing the right product and the right version to give the best solution to customers needs.
  • Extremely accurate measure and contact communication.
  • High reliability and efficiency granted by the use of the best materials and by the most advanced technology products.
  • Easy to use design in order to consent time and error saving during commissioning.
  • Great attention devoted to components and finished product testing and quality control inspection.

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